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YES, I want to HOOK YOU UP with the PREMIERE ISSUE of the
best body changing report on the planet, AND the accompanying
62 minute Shawn Phillips coaching CD, AND my 2-CD set: Transformation Blueprint (only previously available to my
$1,000 coaching clients), AND a fully-branded, stylish 3-ring
binder to keep it all in—ALL of which is yours today
for FIVE measly bucks just for saying “maybe” to my new monthly
program specifically designed to give you the regular,
ongoing support, motivation and cutting-edge information
you need to completely DOMINATE your own personal body
transformation and finally start achieving the real,
consistent results you deserve.



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From the Desk of: 2001 Body-for-Life Transformation
Challenge Grand Champion, Joel Marion

Dear Friend,


I’m extremely excited to announce the release of Transformation Domination Monthly because this program just may be the difference between you experiencing short term, short-lived results (or no results at all), and long-term, life-long success.


Why?  Well, let me ask you a question.


Have you ever started a diet or exercise program only to fall off the wagon a few weeks or a month later?  It’s extremely typical.  And the number one reason why people fail to follow through?  Hands down, it’s a lack of regular mentorship, support, and motivation.


The simple fact is this, no matter how great any one program is, it’s just too darn easy in today’s fast-paced society to get distracted and fall back into your old habits—unless you have a regular source of all of the above in place to push you toward your goals on a continual basis.




A recent academic survey polling some of the most successful weight loss and transformation stories ever discovered that the number one thing that virtually ALL of these individuals had in common was exactly that:  a regular, ongoing, continual source of mentorship and support.


No other criteria even came close.


In addition to that, other research has shown that receiving ongoing support nearly doubles both adherence and results.


It really is that important, and it really does make that kind of difference.


And that’s exactly what I’ll be delivering to you on a monthly basis as a Transformation Domination Monthly subscriber:  continual, ongoing support, along with up-to-the minute, cutting-edge fat loss, lean muscle building, and body-changing information from both myself and the industry’s top coaches.


But don’t just take my word for it.  Instead, I want to show you, risk-free, by GIVING you the first issue and coaching CD—along with a slew of other bonuses—for just five measly bucks today.



Here is everything that your $5 welcome package includes:


Volume #1 of the Transformation Domination Print Newsletter

Every issue of the Transformation Domination Print Newsletter will include 16 pages of no-filler, no fluff up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge information on the Three Pillars of Transformation:


1.  Solid Nutrition
2.  Optimal Training
3.  Unstoppable Mindset


In this very issue I’ll share with you:

  • The simple, two-step formula I used to easily stick to every aspect of my diet while driving a total of 21 hours from New Jersey to Florida over a period of two days.  Follow these two simple steps and I guarantee you’ll never let an “inopportune” situation screw up your diet again.
  • The ultimate method to bust through any diet plateau and start making progress again immediately (has never once failed for any of my clients).
  • When and what types of carbs to eat for optimal progress, even if you’re “carb-sensitive”.
  • Four under the radar supplements for a mental boost without the jittery feelings of heavy caffeine use (and a heck of a lot more effective anyway!).
  • How to use short term goals and the “staircase method” to completely dominate every goal you set on your way to transformation.
  • One set vs. multiple set strength training – how much more do those extra sets really contribute to overall results, and how you just may be able to get by with just a single set per exercise.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Volume #1 of the Transformation Domination Audio Coaching CD,
Featuring Guest Coach Shawn Phillips


Boy, do we have an amazing guest coaching session in store for you in your welcome package!  Shawn Phillips, fitness model and author of the bestselling books Absolution and Strength for Life, is considered one of the godfather’s of the “Transformation” movement.  I made it a point to track down Shawn as my first guest coach, and man did he deliver with explosive content like:


  • The not-so-obvious difference between “exercise” and “training”, and why you had better be doing the latter if you ever plan to successfully reach your goals and change your body
  • The three groups of people who have tried to make changes to their body since the inception of the “transformation movement” more than a decade ago, and one sure-fire way to move yourself toward the “truly transformed”
  • Two types of goals that everyone embarking on the path to transformation must set (and know how to set) to be exceptionally successful
  • How to build your diet and enter what Shawn calls “Nutritional Freedom” one meal at a time.
  • An intense look at “strength” beyond the surface “how much you can bench press” definition, and how you can live from a true position of strength and mastery in which being better, fitter, and stronger (in all dimensions) is no longer what you’re “doing”, but rather who you are.
  • How investing a strategic 10 minutes each day can free up 10 times that amount of time in your schedule each and every time you use it.
  • A simple trick for making every single repetition of every exercise you do infinitely more effective

And once again, that’s just scratching the surface of over 62 minutes of powerful audio content captured on this month’s coaching CD!


The Exclusive Transformation Blueprint 2-CD Set (Only previously available to my $1,000 Coaching Clients)


A few months back I put together a 90-minute presentation called "The Transformation Blueprint" that details literally EVERYTHING from A to Z that you need to know to not only make a successful body transformation, but even WIN a body transformation contest (like I won the world's largest body transformation contest back in 2001).


And I mean EVERYTHING—the entire process—starting with setting highly effective goals all the way to taking your "after" pictures.



Previously, this has only been available to my $1,000 one-on-one coaching clients, but today, I’m including it in the Transformation Domination Welcome Package at no additional cost.


Here's are just a few of the things I cover:


  • The ULTIMATE 5 Step Goal "Discovery" Process -- you'll see why it's called the "discovery" process when you listen to the CDs.  This is the same process I used to push me toward winning the Body-for-Life Challenge, and continue to use every single time I set to achieve a new goal
  • Two distinct types of motivation that almost EVERYONE uses to set their fitness goals, and why they NEVER work for long-term results and goal achievement (I'll then share with you the one type of motivation that you probably never heard of that 100% WILL be the only driving force you'll ever need to keep you going strong each and every day)
  • How to choose the most effective program for YOU, stick with it day in and day out, and even troubleshoot it if necessary

And a bunch more.


The entire "blueprint" is 90 minutes of straight up content, and for anyone who's serious about changing their body and life, you're going to find that the information I share in this presentation is truly priceless.



The Transformation Domination “Collection” Storage Binder


To complete the package, I’m going to include a fully branded, stylish 3-ring binder for you to store all your future issues of Transformation Domination along with plastic, padded sleeves for each Coaching CD.  


Each issue comes 3-hold punched and with a monthly tab ready for you to insert in the binder to keep your subscription organized.  


This way, you’ll have your entire “collection” in one place to easily reference any time you want or need some extra motivation or information.






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And It’s All Yours Today for Just

FIVE Measly Bucks!


What You Get


What You Pay

Volume 1 of the Transformation Domination Monthly Print Newsletter



Volume 1 of the Transformation Domination Monthly Audio Coaching CD, Featuring Shawn Phillips



Exclusive Transformation Blueprint 2-CD Set (Only previously available to my $1,000 coaching clients)



The Transformation Domination “Collection” Storage Binder







That’s right, EVERYTHING I just told you about, including the first issue and audio CD of Transformation Domination, the exclusive Transformation Blueprint 2-CD Set, and the Collection Storage Binder is yours today for five measly bucks.  All I ask is that you “help me out” with shipping, a nominal $6.95 for Priority delivery (add $3 for Canada and $10 anywhere else in the world).


Why would I make such a lopsided offer?


To be completely frank, I want to make your decision to try this program an absolute no-brainer.  With this special introductory offer, you get to try the entire program at a huge discount (with all the bonuses), and if you feel that it’s not everything I’m telling you it is, I don’t want your money.  Simply cancel by sending an email to the email address printed on the front page of every single issue and you will never, ever be billed.


But if after going through all the introductory content you’d like to continue receiving the Transformation Domination Monthly coaching report and audio CD (and believe me, you’ll want to), simply do nothing and you’ll automatically be enrolled as a Transformation Domination VIP subscriber at the special charter rate of $29.95 per month with added FREE Shipping (instead of the normal $49.95 + S&H that everyone else will pay).


That’s a life-time 40% discount and FREE shipping on all future issues, PLUS all the introductory materials (valued at nearly $700) I’ve compiled for you today, just for saying “Maybe” to Transformation Domination.And should you decide that Transformation Domination isn’t for you, you needn’t even ship anything back—everything in the welcome package will be yours to keep.  Just simply cancel, never to be billed again.  I don’t think that I could be fairer.


With this special introductory offer you’ll receive:


  • The Transformation Domination Mega Welcome Package ($206.99 Value)
  • 40% Life-time Discount Transformation Domination Monthly Charter Membership Rate
  • SPECIAL BONUS:  FREE Shipping on ALL Future Issues

And you'll get it all for just five measly bucks just for saying “Maybe” to Transformation Domination Monthly.  You are never under any obligation and you may cancel hassle free at any time, never to be billed again.



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One Last Thing…


As much as I'd like to offer this to everybody, I only want the right individuals as Transformation Domination members and subscribers, so there are 2 initial filters that you must meet:

Qualification #1:
You must be willing to give the program a fair chance. If you're a “know-it-all-seen-it-all” type, this program isn't for you. Or, if you already know that you’re simply going to sign up just to get the welcome package and bonuses and then cancel without objectively going through the material, please consider that each one of these packages costs me roughly $20 out of pocket to print, produce, and fulfill.  That means I'm losing $15 on each customer right from the door.  BUT, I’m assuming the risk and taking the initial loss because I honestly believe this program is the best program I’ve ever put together and I want to make your decision to try it extremely easy and 100% risk-free.  But, if you already have it in your mind to cancel before you even click the button to order – please, save all of us the headache, grief and negative energy by not even signing up.


Of course, you are never locked in and you may cancel at any time—hassle free—by simply sending an email to the address printed on the first page of every issue; I just ask that you order with the intentions of objectively evaluating the program.


Qualification #2:  You must be willing to take action and apply the material presented each month:  Simply put, I want to help people who are action takers, people who will grab hold of this information, absorb it, and most importantly use it to achieve their every goal, ambition, and dream on a regular, continual basis.  Fact is, no matter how good the information I provide each month is, it’s of zero value and holds no power unless you make a commitment to apply it, use it, and transform from it yourself.


With that said, if you agree to the above two qualifications and you're ready to start making huge strides toward your goals while completely dominating your personal body transformation – I look forward to welcoming you to our new, tightly-knitted tribe!



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To your transformation success,


Joel Marion, CISSN, NSCA-CPT
2001 Body-for-Life Grand Champion
Men’s Fitness Training Advisory Team
Lifescript.com Women’s Fitness Expert Panel



IMPORTANT: You MUST accept the below terms in order to continue.
By checking below I signify that I understand that this package costs you and your company nearly $20 to print, produce, and fulfill, and that you are offering this package and all the bonuses today for just $5 as a "low-barrier" way for consumers to try your new monthly program.
I further understand that today's offer is a heavily discounted trial in which future installments are billed at $29.95/month, starting 30 days from today, BUT if I'm dissappointed in any way, I can EASILY cancel, hassle-free, by sending a simple email to support [at] joelmarion.net or by calling (813) 319-1677, never to be billed again.

Yes, I accept the above terms and wish to take advantage of this incredible offer!

Are You Ready For Success?


You could spend 100 hours or more tracking down the same information I provide exclusively to Transformation Domination subscribers every month. Both myself and my guest coaches only provide clear, actionable information. No fluff or filler.


If you’re ready to stop playing around and get serious with your body and physique goals…
…if you’re rea
dy to completely dominate your personal transformation


You need Transformation Domination Monthly!


And I’m taking all the risk:  the entire welcome package including the first newsletter and audio CD and ALL the introductory bonuses are yours for just five measily bucks!  Act today and we’ll ship the package right out to you just for saying “Maybe”; cancel anytime.



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